John of God, a man who call himself God

Brandon a New York wannabe filmmaker gets the opportunity of a lifetime. He is travelling to Africa to make a film on a Congolese musician. Follow Brandon and his crew, with little help from their inept ‘producer “Guy”, as they capture the sights and sounds of Congo’s capital city Kinshasa, through the eyes of John of God, the World’s Greatest Musician…in his own mind.


Cast & Crew

Jo D. Jonz as “Brandon”
actor actor

Actor based From New York, Jo D. has appeared in over 100 acts, commercials and television productions, working with some of most visionary directors and actors such as: Bill Cosby, Eddie Murphy, David Caruso, Alan Rosenberg, Ryan Philipe, Deloroy Lindo, Jerry O’Connell.

Jean Shaka as “Guy”
actor actor

He represents the Congolese theatre at his best. More than forty years in the business as an actor and director, after a satisfying career on stage, Jean Shaka intends to remain on the boards with his theater company. He appeared in the latest international hit “ Kinshasa Kids”.

Moise Ilunga as “John of God”
actor actor

Multifaceted artist, his debut was in ‘97 with an acting company that he started in Mbuji- Mayi. Known in the music scene of Kinshasa with the band Washiba, and with his acts in “Viva Riva” and “Rebelle”.

Diane Kamuanga as “Sandra”
actor actor

Young new talent from Kinshasa with big ambitions to become an actress, she attends the National Institute of Arts while appearing in local productions.

Férré Gola as “Dieudonné”
actor actor

Férré Gola, one of the most followed musician in DR Congo. He had one of the biggest Congolese pop hits song in recent years. One could hardly walk the streets of Kinshasa without hearing Tshekele Le Pete. The two-volume album is already chart topping in French and Canadian World Music categories.

Selé Writer/Producer/
actor actor

Selé is a Writer, Producer and Director in the business since 1994 with 13 years experience filming in Africa. During that time he made music videos, television commercials and documentaries for a variety of clients in various countries. One of his music videos Sossie-Makoti, by Hugh Masekela, was featured at the 2013 Grammy Awards as the album was nominated for Best World Music Album of the Year. He was a top director in the South African television industry for four years where he worked on five different television shows and was sent all over the continent as a producer/director. The website with his work (artist4africa) has gotten almost 1.5 million views on youtube. Five years after leaving the industry, he was finally able to produce his first feature film. Now, it is the most anticipated film in the history of Congolese film.

Alessia Michielan Producer
actor actor

Alessia has lived in Africa for the past 10 years worked as a producer of videos, documentaries and reportages. Before that she ran a cultural association, “Motivi Diversi” and organized blues and jazz festivals. John of God is her first big feature film.

Pamela Lubell Producer
actor actor

Pamela Lubell’s career began as Harvey Weinstein’s assistant in the very busy, young offices of Miramax Films. Lubell’s ten-year run at Miramax gave her access to the most talented and influential people in and around the entertainment world. Within short order, Lubell was tapped by Harvey Weinstein to run the creative department where she and her team designed some of the most iconic movie posters of the 1990’s including: Pulp Fiction, Clerks, The Piano and more. In 2010, Lubell produced a multimedia adaptation of Haruki Murakami’s The Wind Up Bird Chronicle.

T. Woody Richman Editor
actor actor

He was the editor, co-writer and co-producer of the Academy Award-nominated, Sundance favorite and critically acclaimed 2012 film How to Survive a Plague. He co-produced and edited the Academy Award-nominated and Sundance Grand Jury Prize-winning documentary, Trouble the Water. A long time collaborator of Michel Moore, Woody edited Capitalism a Love Story, Fahrenheit 9/11, winner of the Palme d’Or, and was associate editor of Academy Award-winning Bowling for Columbine. He has cut several other independent features, including Sooni Taraporevala’s (screenwriter of The Namesake, Salaam Bombay, and Mississippi Masala) first feature, Little Zizou, and Destination Unknown, winner of the Hamptons Film Festival. Woody began his career working as an assistant editor in the cutting rooms of Nick Gomez, Spike Lee and Oliver Stone.

Henri Scars Struck Composer/Music Supervisor
actor actor

He is a French music composer living in New York. Since 25 years, he writes, conducts and record music for films, artists and dance performances as well as for art installations. His work is characterized by an unusual versatility of musical styles, spanning classical to hip-hop. He has collaborated with artists such as Malcolm McLaren (partner), Thierry Dreyfus, Yves Saint Laurent, Charles Aznavour, De La Soul, Andy Hughes (The Orb), Lenny Kravitz, Alicia Keys and No Doubt.

Daniel Albertse Director of Photography
actor actor

Over 16 years of experience shooting all over Africa. He started his career in 1997 at Top Billing one of South Africa’s most acclaimed and longest running magazine shows. After three years with the show he left the broadcast industry and joined the world of feature films and International commercials working in the Art Department.

GK Reid Costume Designer
actor actor

He is an innovative and influential fashion designer who works with world wide style icons like David Bowie, Lady Gaga and Rihanna to name a few.


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Jean de Dieu Le Film

Jean de Dieu est le meilleur musicien du monde... dans sa propre tête.
Lorsque Brandon, un cinéaste, est envoyé à Kinshasa, RD Congo de faire un documentaire sur Jean de Dieu, ce n'est pas exactement ce qu'il attendait.

Giovanni di Dio Il film

Giovanni di Dio è il più grande musicista del mondo... beh nella sua testa.
Brandon, un regista americano, viene mandato a Kinshasa - Congo, a girare un film sulla vita del musicista. Con l’aiuto di un inetto “produttore”, il suo talento verrà messo a dura prova.

A year later John of God The Movie

Sele M'Poko, producer-writer-director.
The interview.

John of God the Movie Soundtrack

This is a compilation of Rap, Jazz, African Drums, Afro-beat and Congolese Guitar. It's original music created specifically for a film about a Congolese musician living in a modern world. The Democratic Republic of Congo has a long history of beautiful music. This is a conglomeration of different sounds, styles and cultures.


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